Stuffing my pussy with huge objects usually causes me a pain ecstasy. Pencils alone are anything but huge but a bunch of them can be considerable. Especially 88 pieces. When those sharp and hard pencils were inside me, every small move felt like it's breaking my bones. It was so unbearably painful that I had to use a vibrator to ease it. I came such strongly that the pencils almost exploded from my vagina. To fill the gaping void I started stuffing small pencils and those residual wood shards into my pussy...
Years ago we had an outdoor pussy kicking session with Tanita but a little accident happened. After the first couple of kicks her pussy got so swollen that we had to go the emergency. Her outer labia looked scary but there was no serious injury, she had to put some ice on her pussy for a couple of days. She told me then that she would never do pussy kicking again, ever. It took me years to convince her to try it again. She became much tougher since then. I kicked her pussy with full force and she did not even collapse. To make it harder for her I put some nice red clamps on her pussy lips and I kept on kicking her pussy but after the first kick she gave up. Such a wussy.
I took Jeby to a real bdsm dungeon where she didn't have to hold back her screams. And she did scream a lot and loud while I spanked her butts, her inner thighs and pussy with my newly bought star and small hand shaped riding crops. She had some nice temporary tattoo-like spanking marks after this session.
Queensnake has just got a silly flashing magic wand with flexible but rather hard spikes on its spell casting end. It went up surprisingly hard into her vagina, preparing the way for the succeeding toilet brush attached to the fucking machine. You can see some action camera shots from the viewpoint of the brush - if they have such.
In this session Tanita dresses up Jeby with strings of different hot peppers - habanero, jalapeno, chili and other red and green hot peppers. Then she make her to chew on them to open the capsaicin glands and rubs and pushes the drooly substance into Jeby's pussy. Some whipping later she pours some hot sauce all over her body to recharge her sensation. It's funny to watch how the peppers turn Jeby into a drooling howling monkey.
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