This innocent-looking but unbelievably cruel bdsm device is my newest invention, I called it string instrument. The body of the instrument is a human slave who is laying under the very thin (1mm) rubber lines and the instrument can be played by pulling the elastic strings out and then let them slam to the slave to play pain chords and melody. Of course the first person who tried it the inventor herself. The pain I felt was so surprisingly intense and maddening especially on my feet and on my nipples that I had to stop Tanita several times. So I can say that this was one of my most painful sessions ever. But it was worth it because I had so many pretty thin red lines on my full body for a couple of weeks that I looked like a tabby.
The last time I was shopping in the local home depot I realized that I never used wood in my sessions before. So I bought a bunch of tree stuff, I dont't even know most of their names in my own language, but I certainly can wield them to deliver some pain to my slavegirls.
This is the first time when Holly is on the other side. She takes revenge on Zara for beating her pussy so eagerly before. Holly is dripping hot wax all over Zara's body and then she cleans her waxed body by whipping the hardened shell off her.
Queensnake stuffs Tanita's vagina full of sharp metal screws, then whips her pussy - quite brutally -, finally she uses some very strong salvaged hard disk magnets to tear the screws out from her hole in big batches. There is a section where you guys can observe Tanita's inner vaginal wall getting pinched between the screws and the magnets. I've slowed that part down for your better viewing pleasure ;)
Shoving up one toilet-brush into my pussy is too easy. I wanted to try the impossible: squeezing in two of them. I was not sure at all that I could do it but I thought I should give a try at least. I myself was surprised that my vagina is stretchy enough to take in two toilet brushes at the same time. I think I set a world record lol.
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