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This website is owned and operated by me (Queensnake) and my partner. I am a true masochistic girl with a little sadistic attitude and with a very colorful imagination and this site is mainly about my adventures in the world of pain. BDSM is a very important part of our life so I can say that we have a life-long experience in practicing sado-maso sessions but we are amateurs in making films and managing our website, there is no team around us, we do everything by ourselves.

Our "models" are not professionals either, filming with us just an exciting leisure activity and adventure for them and they are happy to play in our films. They are also into bdsm and pain games and real friends of us.

Since they have a full-time job, a family to take care, my job is also to protect their privacy as much as I can. They wear masks and other accessories for that purpose.

Statements and facts about our bdsm activity represented on queensnake.com:
  1. Our pain sessions are not violent or dangerous, there is nothing more important for us than our models' and my health and safety. We never do anything that can harm anybody mentally or physically or can cause any damage or permanent marks.

  2. We always talk over every details of the scenes before the shooting, we show the models sample movies and ask them to try it outside the camera so they can decide that what they are willing to do and what they are not. We never do anything without their definite consent.

  3. We also tell our models that they can stop the session anytime they want to or feel so.

  4. We never use tight bondage positions or it happens many times that we don't use any bondage at all so the girls can release themselves easily if they want.

  5. Ballgags are rarely used but if they are, they are so loose that the girls still can say their safe word.

  6. Our sessions are role plays. Even if the pain, the screams and the tears are real, overacts can happen and can be required.

  7. We often use unusual and new things in our sessions but before doing anything new we always make sure that they are safe to do and harmless. Just a few examples. We often use stinging nettle which is proved to be not just harmless but good for health. Using stones and thumbtacks to fill the vagina are also completely safe and don't do any harm although it looks scary. Etc.

  8. Everything we do is legal in the country we live.
For more details and behind the scenes stories please visit my blog.
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