We had a lesbian session with Tanita and we involved some stinging nettles instead of a fake cock. We have focused on the genitals now, specifically on the nipples and on the pussy. I loved the feeling of the stings, it is extremely painful and enjoyable at the same time, the most perfect mix for an orgasm. They are real aphrodisiac plants, especially for the masochists like me. Many people don't know about it. Probably those guys who said hello and smiled at me while I was picking the nettles at the edge of the forest never thought that I would use them for sex and not for making some herbal tea. But if they knew...
Holly was the first lucky girl who could try our new restraint device which made her tits and pussy completely exposed for an aiming game. The rules were simple. Holly's job was to endure the pain and scream, Jessica's to shoot down the glass orbs attached Holly's tits and pussy.
Hanging upside down by her ankle straps, Nazryana got a whole body whipping from Queensnake, followed by some lesbian action and a squirting orgasm. This is probably the most exciting movie with the least exciting description :D
Abby had a very small clitoris before she started to build her muscles, actually it was too small to pierce. But a few months ago she realized that it started to grow. By now it has a pretty big size, almost perfect to pierce some needles through it. So she did it.
What can a poor girl do when she is desperate for a big cock but none is available at the moment, just a nice long thick but slippery zucchini? Shove it in as deep as you can, pin it to your labias with needles and you're good to go. It can also be used as an emergency strap on if needed.
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