Similar to Long March but with long brushes instead of ropes and chains. Nazryana has to walk spread legged and on tiptoes over different tube and floor cleaning brushes back and forth.
After some self punch fisting I pushed different types of metal sponges and steel scrubbers into my vagina and then I squeezed them out one after the other. The entrance of my pussy was scoured so heavily that it was swollen and sore even days after this session. It took me one week to completely heal but at least I have a brand new, fresh, young pussy now. It was a kind of pussy rejuvenation treatment lol.
Beautiful Jessica stuffed her vagina with a bunch of glass shards using a huge syringe for insertion. Then she tried to remove the shards with a spoon but with less success, she rather scratched her vagina all around than spooning the sharp stuff out. So she had no other choice than to fuck herself with a dildo while the shards in her. After she came she was able to remove the shards from her vagina with her fingers so she got shardless finally.
Second in the series, Nazryana fills up her pussy with that stinky black sludge using a spoon and a toilet brush to deliver it deep into every little fold in her vaginal wall. That sulphury smell will linger there for eternity.
Similar to the Cunt Busters series, but with a gel blaster instead of the whips. This time Holly has got to bite the bullets.
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