Three minutes continuous pussy whipping in a very exposed position is like hell for a slave but it is heaven for a sadist. This time you can watch Nazryana's agony as she endures four rounds of three-minutes sessions, with some strap-on fucking and vibration between them.
I have tested a modified reciprocating or sabre saw in Holly's pussy. I attached a big, red dildo, then a small and a big hairbrush to the base of the machine and fucked her with them. The control button of the machine was not easy to handle so she got some crazy high speed machine fucking which was especially mean when I replaced the dildo with the hairbrushes.
Wheel brushes from the local car accessories shop, yet again. Now for Jessica's huge filthy vagina!
Watch how Abby and Nazryana beat the pee out of each other like real amazon gladiators. The rules is simple: the one who is able to hit three times in a row on the opponent's body is the winner and she squirts in the looser's mouth.
Sequel to the Splits movie, this time Jessica flogged Holly's pussy for three, 3 minutes long continuous sessions. The plot of these series is that the recepient has to endure the full 3 minutes of pussy flogging without stopping, so as you can see there are no cuts in those 3 minutes.
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